Show Me the Money: The 7 Secrets to Winning Scholarships to Study Abroad

  • 20 marca 2014

The lack of money doesn’t have stand between you and studying abroad. Hundreds of scholarships are available that can cover the cost of your program, and then some. Unfortunately, many students don’t apply for scholarships because they feel that their chance of winning a scholarship is as likely as winning the lottery.

Studying Abroad and Saving Money

  • 2 lutego 2014

Tips from a real life study abroad student

Let’s face it, as a student it’s always important to save an extra buck whenever you can. This becomes even more true when you’re traveling, studying and living abroad! So, when I decided to study abroad in London, I quickly discovered that international money spending is no joke. Check out some of these simple money saving tips that can keep you within budget while you continue to make the most of your travels abroad.